Preserving a way of life from the Pre-1840's era. From Buckskinners to Mountain Man we, as a club, try to demonstrate this life by "live" re-enactments, dress, primitive camps, archery, blackpowder shoots, woods-walk, blacksmith demos, rope making demos and so much more.

Rendezvous were known to be lively, joyous places, where all were allowed- free trappers, Indians, native trapper wives and children, travelers and later on, even tourists who would venture from even as far as Europe to observe the festivities.*

From the young to the old, we ALL have fun!

We welcome new members all year-round. Go to Contact page for more info.

Meetings Location: Stars and Stripes Museum, Bloomfield, Mo First Sunday of the Month at 2pm


Check out our Rendezvous page to see where we will be next!

*quoted text taken from Wikipedia-

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